For more than 50 years, we have obsessed over making products people truly love. We focused on the small details required to make movies and music sound amazing. Now, we’re adding connectivity to the mix, and there's suddenly so much more our products can do -- but we know we can't realize that potential alone. Come work with us to create a new generation of experiences built on better sound.

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Tap into an exciting new platform to enhance experiences for millions of Bose users with motion-controlled sound. Introduce new interaction in your app with the Bose AR SDK, a lightweight development kit for head-tracking and gestures, making use of the 9 axis IMU available in the next generation of Bose wearable audio devices.

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Take control

SoundTouch APIs

Create new experiences for the millions of customers using SoundTouch to listen at music at home. Provide new options for control of the tunes, help with reminders via audio notifications, turn down the music when it's getting late or you get a call; the possibilities go on and on. What will you build?

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Coming Soon

Bose Smart Home API

Coming in 2019: a new cloud-based API for you to control our new line of smart speakers and soundbars, play audio notifications, react to your customer's interactions with their speakers, and more. Let's work together to help customers get the most out of their smart home.

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Bose, in partnership with Capital Factory, is running a pitch competition looking for great ideas about how to utilize the possibilities presented by the Bose AR SDK. If you are interested in $50,000 to realize your idea and you believe it...

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Dec 06

Welcome to the Bose AR Developer Preview

Today marks a significant milestone for Bose AR as we welcome all developers to our SDK in open beta. During this new phase we’re calling Developer Preview, we're making our SDK, Unity pluging, documentation and code samples...

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