Unleash the Power of Connected Sound

For more than 50 years, we have obsessed over making products people truly love. We focused on the small details required to make movies and music sound amazing. Now, we’re adding connectivity to the mix, and there's suddenly so much more our products can do -- but we know we can't realize that potential alone. Come work with us to create a new generation of experiences built on better sound.

A crowd of people at a Bose hackathon booth.
SoundTouch Control API

Take control

There's no one right way to control a connected speaker. Click, swipe, wave, speak -- any of these might be best for the listener depending on the moment. By implementing the Control API, your customers can manage SoundTouch speakers and listening sessions directly from your innovative interface.

A person pressing play on a Bose device
SoundTouch Audio Notification API

Make some noise

It can be easy to miss phone-based notifications at home -- they get covered up by music, or the phone is charging in the other room. Initially available on select SoundTouch speakers, the Audio Notification API gives you another way to alert your customers when necessary. We've made it easy to gracefully wake or interrupt a speaker and play a custom audio clip for your customers.

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One special feature of our SoundTouch 10 speakers is their ability to form left/right stereo pair groups. To help answer a question on the forum, we've been working on building out our documentation for handling these stereo pairs...

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Dec 04

A new home for Bose Developers

Hello, world! Welcome to our brand-new Bose Developer Portal. It's been quite a while since we first published our public SoundTouch Control API (formerly known as the SoundTouch Developers API), and we're excited to unveil several...

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