10. Running the Code

Once signing is set:

Click Run - make sure a product is connected.

You should now have an app on the phone that has a cube on the screen when run that updates based on the product position.

9. Xcode Settings and Signing

Xcode should launch.


Once launched:

Select "Unity-Phone."

Select "General."

Make sure that you able to sign the app.

8. Configure the Build Settings

Open the File > Build Settings

Click "Add Open Scenes."

Move "YourSceneName" to the top (might be the only one in the window depending on your previous usage).

Select iOS from the platform list.

Click "Switch Platform" when this process finishes.

Click "Build and Run." Unity prepares the iOS build and opens Xcode.

7. Add a Component to the GameObject

With the GameObject selected in the Hierarchy tab, click on "Add component" in the Inspector.


6. Add the Component to the Cube

With the cube selected in the Hierarchy click the "Add Component" button in the Inspector panel.


5. Add a Cube to the Scene

In the "GameObject" menu, select 3D Object > Cube. You should now see a "Cube" listed in the Hierarchy pane.

4. Adding the WearableConnectionUIPanel.prefab Into the Project

In the assets folder of the Unity project pane, navigate to Bose > Wearable > Connection > Prefabs.

Select the "WearableConnectUIPanel" and drag it into the Hierarchy pane (this allows you to connect to a product).

3. Launch Unity and Open the Downloaded Repository

Launch Unity - Click "Open," then navigate to the location of the repository you just cloned and click on this folder: "SomeLocation/BoseWearable-Unity/Unity".

2. Clone the Repository

Open a Terminal window and create or navigate to the location on you machine where you would like your git clone to go.

Type the following command once there: "git clone git@github.com:BoseWCTC/BoseWearable-Unity.git". This will clone the repository to the local directory (for this to work you need to have your ssh keys configured. Instructions can be found here).

1. Copy Link to the GIT Repository

From the BoseWCTC /BoseWearable-Unity site, click the "Clone" or download button.

Then, copy the link to your clipboard.