Rotating Cube Demo

After you’ve completed the Setting Up Bose AR on Unity, this tutorial will help you go more hands-on and manually go through setting up the project instead of importing the Unity package. You’ll have the choice between a basic and advanced demo.

8. Troubleshooting

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7. Build and Run for iOS

Click "Build and Run".

Name your build. 

Click "Save". Xcode will launch automatically

6. Set the Build Settings

Select iOS as the platform.

Click the "Switch Platform" button at the bottom.

5. Add Assets to the Scene

Type in the search field "t:scene".

Go to "File -> Build Settings".

Select AdvancedDemo, BasicDemo, MainMenu, and Root, then drag them into the Scenes to Build area of the build settings.

4. Import the Unity Package

Once the new unity project is created, navigate to where the unity package was downloaded.

Double-click the Unity package.

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