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Announcing our first Bose AR hands-on workshops to be held at Capital Factory in Austin

We're excited to announce our first hands-on workshops designed to provide experience, instruction and inspiration for building with the Bose AR platform and enabled devices. We'll be holding these in an amazing space right in downtown Austin, in collaboration with our partners Capital Factory. The goal for these workshops is to give members of our growing community, interested in enhancing experiences with Bose AR, the opportunity to meet our teams and get hands-on with our technology.


Introducing Chuck!

Hello, Bose Devs!

Today, I'm really excited to announce a new addition to the Bose team - Chuck Freedman has joined us as our Developer Relations Lead. Since you'll be seeing a lot of him in the coming weeks and months, both on the forums here and out at events like workshops and hackathons, I sat down with Chuck for a little Q&A to help introduce him to all of you. 



Tuning In To Augmented Reality

Here at Bose, we have a long legacy of innovating in audio, from bringing room-filling sound to a tiny speaker, to canceling out airplane noise in a comfortable pair of headphones.  We’re proud to say that we’ve been doing this for over fifty years.

We’re always looking for new places where we can innovate and bring joy to our customers.  And recently we’ve been really excited about augmented reality.