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The Bose AR SDKs support iOS, Android and Unity. Our goal is to help developers create successful Bose AR applications & experiences that surprise and delight our shared end-users. To get you started, we have helpful documentation, active forums, and a dedicated team with diverse skill-sets to help drive our community towards amazing outcomes.

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Your success is our success

We are committed to helping highlight Bose AR-enabled apps that our customers love. Our co-marketing opportunities and channels continue to expand. Building with Bose AR offers an added advantage of potentially being showcased to Bose wearable users. Select experiences will have Bose as a brand ally to ensure our customers are aware of your high quality, relevant Bose AR-enabled application.

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Build for Bose Enabled Wearables

Our Bose AR developer and creator tools pair with millions of Bose AR-enabled products that have motion sensors embedded inside to work together with your mobile device. Using information like your location, your head gestures, and the direction you’re looking, Bose AR-enhanced apps create audio experiences in the world around you — while you keep your phone in your pocket.

The first available Bose AR enabled wearables are Bose Frames and QC35 II Headphones. Bose Frames, our first ever audio sunglasses, launched in December of 2018. The debut collection features two classic silhouettes with built-in Bose speakers for an immersive audio experience unlike any other. Our QC35 II Headphones feature industry-leading noise-canceling technology. AR-enabled versions of these began shipping also in December 2018 and will pair with Bose AR experiences via a firmware update from our Bose Connect app.

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