Bose SoundTouch API

Millions of customers listen to music in their homes using Bose SoundTouch. Connecting speakers directly to the internet has made music listening a breeze -- but it can always get better. Plus, with the rise of the smart home, there's so much more connected speakers can do -- but we can't do it alone.

The SoundTouch API enables you to connect your application to SoundTouch devices, allowing you to give our mutal customers new options for controlling the tunes, or bringing to life smart home experiences that help make lives better. Or better yet, you can do something amazing that we haven't even dreamed of yet. We can't wait to see what you build.

What can you do with the Bose SoundTouch API?


There's no one right way to control a SoundTouch speaker. Click, swipe, wave, speak -- any of these might be best for the listener depending on the moment. The SoundTouch API gives you the tools to control most aspects of a speaker, so that you can help your customers  manage their SoundTouch speakers and listening sessions directly from your innovative interface.

Audio Notifications

It can be easy to miss phone-based notifications at home -- they get covered up by music, or the phone is charging in the other room. On select SoundTouch speakers, the Audio Notifications give you another way to alert your customers when necessary. We've made it easy to gracefully wake or interrupt a speaker and play a custom audio clip for your customers.

Display Information

"What's that song?" "What station is this again?" "How much louder can this get?" The SoundTouch API gives you the ability to answer these questions for your customers in the places they may be looking for - the information is just a quick query away.

A SoundTouch enabled Device