Hi, I am a neurophycologist, building a web based computer assisted therapy for schizophrenics with auditory hallucinations. Computer Assisted Therapy is run by a clinical psychiatrist. https://vayuvaidyamedicalblog.blogspot.com I would like to use the Bose Smart Home API to connect to ALEXA, using an Alexa skill. Any support from Bose on this. This could mean a market of at-least 200 Bose smart speakers a month when we offer the services commercially. A return from BOSE could mean we could rent and offer these services free to the needful too.

Hi bheemaiaha,

Our Smart Home API is unfortunately not yet available - it's coming next year. Be sure to sign up for our Smart Home mailing list here to be one of the first to know once it's available.

In the meantime, if your application is primarily Alexa Skill, you might be able to work with Bose devices already -- Alexa Skills do indeed run on our new smart speakers and soundbars. The Smart Home API will provide additional capabilities for controlling and interacting with these Bose devices once it is available, but the API itself will be separate from Alexa.