Hi y'all, I've been busy these past few days to make my own alternative interface for the Soundtouch speaker. The aim was not to build a complete replacement for the official app, but to build something with functions that I'm missing in that app. More precisely the ability to store more than 6 radio presets and the ability to use the speakers as some sort of intercom. You can check it out here: https://github.com/kdw2060/Bose-Soundtouch-Alt-Interface It isn't finished yet, but fully working so long as you run it locally on a pc. If there's someone who can help me out to get it running on either an old QNAP T-412 NAS or a Raspberry Pi that's running Hass.io/Resin OS your help would be much appreciated. cheers, ‚ÄčKris

Maybe the project I worked on, could help you? https://github.com/CONNCTED/SoundTouch-NodeJS

If you want to manage more than 6 presets, you don't need to use the presets API, but the select API. And remember the new presets on your server instead of the SoundTouch account. You can use my project to request the to see what's playing. If you remember the location number and source, you could send a select command containing that number to change source.

I also noticed you're using Node JS. You could also reference to my project in your package.json.

Thanks for pointing to your project, it would surely be helpful if I want to add more functions. I was already doing what you suggest though (have a look at the client js). I'm only using Node for the discovery of the speaker ip's (via the bonjour package). The issue i'm having is getting the node project (or any Node project for that matter) to work as a dockerized add-on for Hass.io. I've also posted my issue at the Home Assistant forums, which is more like the proper place for this.

Update: finally got it running as an addon for Hass.io too. Will continue to improve the functionality whenever I have some spare time.


I've also been working something similar. The main functionality that I was looking to design is a queue system for songs. https://github.com/srwiseman/sounddeez

If you want to collaborate on something, or you want help building functionality in your app, send me a mail!

Hi Kris Just had a look at your project and cannot offer any help on the intercom functionality etc but thought you might be interested to look at my version which is mainly about easy storage/access to a list of favourites... http://bosespeaker.jimclark.net.au https://github.com/jimhome1608/BoseSpeaker

Why don't you host your project on a URL somewhere so people can give it a try?

Good Luck Jim / Melbourne Australia.