Hello, world!

Welcome to our brand-new Bose Developer Portal. It's been quite a while since we first published our public SoundTouch Control API (formerly known as the SoundTouch Developers API), and we're excited to unveil several things we've been working on since then!

Overall, we're aiming to better empower the growing community of developers interested in building new experiences with Bose products, including the over 3,000 developers who have accessed the SoundTouch Control API to date.  

Here's everything new today: 

Bose developer forums

Every community needs a place to gather. We hope you find the new forums a valuable place to share ideas, find inspiration, or get help when you get stuck. 

A blog

This blog, in fact! We plan on posting here to keep the community informed of important announcements, such as new APIs or developer tools. In addition, we'll publish tutorials intending to help developers get started or better understand different parts of our APIs in depth. We also hope to periodically write up "showcase posts" to highlight innovative developer-built applications that we find. 

A new API

Speaking of new APIs -- we are indeed announcing a new API today! The SoundTouch Audio Notification API is now available for you to use with select SoundTouch products. This API has been a frequent request, and we're excited to see how you put it to use. Check out the documentation for all the details. 

Web-based documentation

We've evolved from our PDF beginnings. The SoundTouch Control API documentation is now web-based! The API functionality is unchanged, but we've further built out this new documentation to make things clearer and hopefully easier to use overall. We'll also be able to update it much more quickly moving forward.

Works with Bose

Our new partner certification program, launched this past August, provides developers an avenue to more formally collaborate with Bose, including access to Bose brand assets and co-promotion opportunities. Learn more on the Works with Bose page. 

To get started with most of these new things, you will need to create an account. Sign up here - it should take less than a minute - and be sure to take a look at the updated Developer License Agreement in the process.  

We hope you find these new tools useful, and that they improve your experience as a Bose developer. But with that said, this is just the beginning! What would you like to see next? Running into any issues? Share your feedback with us in the forums. We're looking forward to hearing how we can help you do more.