I just had to update my SoundTouch 20 and the app to make the Box play streams again after it stopped on the weekend.

There was also some change with regard to "Tune-in" (not yes researched in detail). In order to update my app, I'd like to figure out what changes there are from release to release. Are there Release notes for the firmware somewhere available?

Cheers, Gerald

Hi Gerald,

Yep! Release notes can be found here for this release: https://community.bose.com/t5/SoundTouch-Speakers/SoundTouch-App-and-Speaker-Firmware-Update-Available-Nov-19th/m-p/159020#M71049

For customer-facing releases with no API changes, you should be able to find all release notes in the end-user-facing forum linked to above (community.bose.com). If any release ever has any API updates/changes, we will communicate them on this forum as well.