So there is now way to select TV as a source, SoundTouch and Bluetooth only. Am I right?

Thank you

Hi shimapa,

It depends! For our SoundTouch 300 and Lifestyle 600/650 products, it is possible to select the HDMI inputs as a source; see the /select documentation for this.

Some products also have one (or, for the SA-5, three) AUX inputs which can be selected via /select.

For some of our older products, though, which use the SoundTouch adapter, you are correct that only SoundTouch and Bluetooth are selectable.

For any product, the /sources command can be used to determine what sources are selectable - see the documentation on that command for more details.

Please let me know if you have further questions!

Hi Zach,

I have Bose SoundTouch 520. I guess it's an old product, right?

Hi shimapa,

Unfortunately, yes, the SoundTouch 520 uses the SoundTouch adapter, and thus the only API source selection options for that product are SoundTouch and Bluetooth.