When navigating to API reference page not found error is presented.

Hi there - you've actually caught us right in the middle of an update that's in process, so the documentation is intermittently available at the moment. I'll let you know here once things are all set!

Hi JustAnotherUser,

Everything is now complete with the update; you should not have any issues viewing the API reference here: https://developer.bose.com/guides/bose-soundtouch-api/bose-soundtouch-api-reference.

Thanks! Zach

I can no longer find the API documentation that appeared here https://developer.bose.com/soundtouch-control-api-websocket-notification... before your update.

Hi bjgeiser1,

All of the documentation has just been consolidated into a single API reference here: https://developer.bose.com/guides/bose-soundtouch-api/bose-soundtouch-api-reference

And some of the supporting documentation has been broken out into Guides such as this one: https://developer.bose.com/guides/bose-soundtouch-api/working-websockets

There shouldn't been anything missing, but if you are having trouble finding something specifically, please let me know!

The documentation around websockets feels incomplete. For instance which devices support websockets? I seem to recall the old documentation stating that only the SoundTouch 10, 20 and 30 did. Next, which port is the socket listening for a connection on? Seems to be 8080 but thats also not in the documentation.