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Audio Notification API

Hi there,

I´m trying to make an Alexa Skill for Spain, as you Bose don´t support the Soundtouch devices in the skill available in our market. So, today I started learning about the Bose Soundtouch API. Surprisingly, I apparently have access only to an "Audio Notification API" whose only released method is the Status... is this correct? why? Is your public API prepared for such integration with Alexa? I don´t want to waste my time so the direct question could be: where could I be informed about your Bose´s future developments roadmap, related with Alexa´s skills and our country?

/volume post LED


I'm writing a driver for a universal remote to control the Soundtouch 300 via IP instead of IR. One thing I've noticed is when posting a new volume to the Soundtouch 300, the LED on the front doesn't blink signaling a volume change like it does when a volume change via IR is sent. Is this normal?