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Amazon Alexa Echo Integration using AWS and Bose SoundTouch

Hi all;

We created a custom Alexa skill to say things like "volume up" or "preset 3" or "power off" to the Bose Soundtouch.

What makes it a bit harder is that the Alexa skill is obviously running at AWS in the Cloud, while it needs to connect with the internal IP address (private range!) of the Bose Soundtouch. We actually need a public endpoint to connect to the SoundTouch....


Google Home Integration for SoundTouch


I've been working on integrating Google Home with my SoundTouch speakers and I'm hoping to release a preview of it soon. So far, I've mainly been focused on the platform rather than the finer touches of natural conversation. I can send instructions to SoundTouch devices from Google Assistant via a service running in Azure as well as sync the status of all SoundTouch devices to Azure in real-time. At the moment this is done via a Windows application but the intention is to get this running on an IoT device.

Sounddeez: My Deezer-Soundtouch Queuing System (With fancy-ish frontend!)

Hey Guys,

I wrote this app mainly for myself, but I figured some other people might find it useful!


As someone who likes to entertain friends, I had a few fundamental issues with the official Bose app:

1) My friends had to download an app that they'd only ever use at my place.

My alternative SoundTouch interface

Hi y'all, I've been busy these past few days to make my own alternative interface for the Soundtouch speaker. The aim was not to build a complete replacement for the official app, but to build something with functions that I'm missing in that app. More precisely the ability to store more than 6 radio presets and the ability to use the speakers as some sort of intercom. You can check it out here: