Bose AR Wearable SDK

Our new SDK allows mobile applications to pair with a new generation of Bose wearables and headphones. Using raw sensor (accelerometer, gyroscope), head orientation, and gesture data, you can create new experiences for users based on interactions like head gestures for UI or raw IMU data for a variety of applications.

The SDK includes native iOS libraries and code samples. You'll find additional tutorials and ideas here within our developer community.

People using the Bose AR Wearable SDK

Why build with the Bose AR Wearable SDK now?

Audio augmented reality is the next frontier for developers looking to create new experiences with Bose sound technology.

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Engage millions of Bose device users. The Bose AR Wearable SDK will be available globally in 2019.

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Be one of the first to integrate with our SDK and explore developing the audio augmented reality space.

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Innovating with the Bose AR platform means working with a company that's delivered outstanding audio experiences for more than 50 years.

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Early developers and partners can help us develop our roadmap, and together we can help you deliver a leading experience for audio augmented reality.

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Drive more engagement from Bose wearables in your apps as you introduce new innovations with the Bose AR platform.

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