Updates (July 3, 2019) to Contest Announcement, Timeline, & Prizes.

Bose is enabling developers and creators to make a sound first approach to augmented reality. Through an innovative availability of sensor-driven, head movement and spatial sound capabilities, you can create new experiences that compliment the use of new Bose AR-enabled wearables finding their way to millions of users in 2019.

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We are excited to present the Women of Wearables (WoW) member community with an opportunity to come up with amazing ideas for Bose AR, some of which we will further support to becoming full mobile applications.

We are thrilled to present the Women of Wearables (WoW) member community with this updated invitation to begin building with Bose AR. We’re looking to recognize some great ideas we believe this community has to offer and further encourage you to bring your imagined experiences to life. This contest is designed to be a unique way of enabling members of WoW and our extended community, awarding select ideas with support in the form of Bose AR-enabled products, cash prizes, and other opportunities to advance ideas to apps & experiences you can launch.

While this contest starts with recognizing ideas, we encourage all members of the community to connect with us, collaborate with others, and discover our available SDKs & tools to bring ideas to life as mobile apps.

Following us notifying winners, we will also offer opportunities to support participants (if desired) who would like to bring their ideas to life as their own apps to users.

More detail:

Starting May 29, we’re opening up a call for ideas for the entire WoW member community. We encourage you to team up, and in the spirit of recognizing ideas within this community, will require submissions come from individuals or teams representing at least 50% WoW members.

The submission should be in the form of a storyboard (example) and will close on July 19, with the 5 best ideas to be recognized by July 31.

Each of the 5 winners will receive (1) pair of Bose Frames and a check for $800, OR (1) Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 and a check for $600 to help further develop their mobile app concept. Winners will be provided optional support for advancing ideas to apps they can launch.

We’re open to all your great ideas. For some inspiration and guide to what we’d really love to see, we ask you to think especially why and how people connect across time and distance with each other. Imagine a heads up, hands free Bose AR mobile experience that can enhance how people connect, communicate and share: from how great it feels to run into somebody you know on the street to times when something you see or hear has you thinking about someone you know.

We recommend discovering all the capabilities and possibilities the Bose AR platform and wearables can enable. To learn more about Bose AR, explore the technology and get inspired by what other developers and creators are doing, visit developer.bose.com/bose-ar.



Heads up & Hands Free: How well does the idea or experience leverage the unique capabilities of the Bose AR platform and Bose Wearable hardware?

Innovation: How innovative of an idea is being proposed?

Completeness: What stage of application has been demonstrated? E.g. Pure ideation, pseudocode, proof of concept, prototype, etc.

Presentation: How well did the storyboard demonstrate the idea, target audience, and use cases. Would you want to use this product?

Customer Value / Market Readiness: Is there a need for this experience, idea, or technology? Is this mobile application solving a problem or making an impact which is not currently being met with today’s technology?

Feasibility: Is the idea or experience technically and practically feasible?

Challenge Timeline:

May 29th -- Challenge is open

July 19th -- All Applications due, no more submissions allowed after 11:59 PM EST on July 19th

July 22nd - 25th -- Judging Period

Week of July 28th -- Winners will be notified and provided optional support for advancing ideas to apps they can launch.

Registration for this competition is deemed an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions